Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Brief trip to Devon

Hi all

Arthur visited Devon on Thursday, initially to drop off some tapes, but he ended up playing a couple of numbers at the Exeter Picturehouse with Matthew North and then appeared on BBC Radio for a great interview.

Above Martin (Arthurs Merch Guy), Roger O'Donnell (The Cure), Lee-Anne Burgess (Adoration), Simon Hinkler (The Mission), Arthur and Matthew.

At the show Arthur played 2 songs Devils Grip and That's How Strong my Love Is.

He stunned the audience whom did not expect him to be performing tonight. Here is a video someone shot of Devils Grip.

The following day Arthur appeared on BBC Radio, you can hear the interview for the next week via the BBC I Player, where he also announced he has just been booked for this years High Voltage festival in London. (Go to BBC I Player and search Vic Morgan Late show for friday the 13th May and go in about an hour and 5 minutes)

Below are all the 2" Kingdom Come master tapes.